Bliss in Bordeaux

Mary Immaculate secondary school

Rue Rudel,




8th May 2019


Dear Mam and Dad,

Bordeaux is amazing, I don’t want to ever come home! I’ve been here for three days but this is my first opportunity I have had to write, because I have been so busy enjoying myself. I am staying with a lovely family. They have a gigantic house, it’s so easy to get lost in, they even have their own pool outside. I spend my evenings working on my tan when I’m not swimming. The family have two daughters, aged 12 and 14 so I get along with both, and we have great fun in the pool. However, I’m delighted to have my own room, I have somewhere to escape to. All that thinking and speaking in French is exhausting.

When I first got here, I was struck by the beauty of Bordeaux. The sparkly, endless, blue ocean was stunning, and the sky was like a giant had thrown a huge baby blue blanket across it. Grains of sand like gold slipped through my toes as I strolled down the breathtaking beach. I felt like the world had just stopped, everyone and everything was at peace. This place is perfect, just perfect!

The activities here are unbelievable. Yesterday I played beach volleyball. In May, it’s crazy. We also played bouls, which is a French sport and is surprisingly entertaining, although I was truly terrible. When I’m at home I usually spend all my time in my room watching tv but since I have been in France, I have spent all my time outside. When I’m really worn out from swimming or running around, I lie in the sun working on my tan, because the children I’m staying with have beautiful bronzed skin with a slight hue of gold.

Initially, I was worried about the food because I’ve heard that in France, they eat snails and frog legs, but they only have those in fancy restaurants. The food is actually really flavoursome. In the mornings the delightful aroma of freshly baked pastries fill the air. My stomach rumbles impatiently at the thought of warm croissants. Oh, and the sorbet, I could have one with every meal and never get sick of it. It’s extremely creamy and the gorgeous texture fills my mouth, bursting with tantalising flavours. If I had to pick a favourite flavour, it would be mango.

I have been enjoying my stay so far. There is a perception that the French are rude, but I have found that everyone I have met is tremendously pleasant and easy to talk to considering they speak an utterly different language. I am also quite shocked at the fact that I haven’t seen a single beret or striped shirt. Everybody has a happy glowing smile on their face as they gossip in the glorious sunshine. Can I just say the consumption of alcohol was unanticipated, I really did assume that the French consume an unhealthy amount but to my surprise they really don’t.

OMG, the most embarrassing thing happened to me at the beach yesterday. I was just relaxing on the beach and this girl came up to me and started talking to me in French and so I said “Bon-jour je m’appelle Myahh”.

Now, obviously I know that I said it completely wrong because the girl started laughing at me.

Miss you and I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Myahh xo