Bermuda Triangle Disappearance

Scoil Mhuire, Corofin, Co.Clare

Hello family,

I’m having an amazing time here in Cuba. Matt and I have done some fantastic activities like swimming with dolphins and watching turtles hatch. We even discovered a new branch of caves while rock climbing! The beaches are pure white sand. Right now we are staying in a hotel close to the beach but not far from the mountains. But now let me tell you something mysterious and spooky that happened just two nights ago. So we were going on a cruise around this magical island and we got all our things ready the night before. When the morning came we were all set. We cycled to the port where the ship was docked. We had got past security when we realised that we had left the tickets back at the hotel and there was no way we would be able to get them and be back in time. And thank God there wasn’t. About three days later Matt and I had just got back from swimming and we had nothing to do so we turned on the TV. The news was on and even though it was in Spanish we left it on. The story they were covering was our cruise ship and we could make out enough of what they were saying to see that it had disappeared. We were both shocked and relieved at the same time. We decided to cut the holiday short and we’re coming back in five days.