Barcelona’s Best

St. Joseph's Secondary School, Spanish Point, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare

Las Ramblas,




To Mam and Dad,

Barcelona is astounding, a city like no other. I’m staying in a charming apartment along Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is at the heart of the city centre and is a vibrant and lively promenade filled with Barcelona action at its best. There is also a daily market with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and local products. The food is so piquant and fresh. The people here are so cordial and amiable. There’s a vibe that gives the city its own identity, a vibe of community and liveliness everywhere, such great culture and atmosphere. There is amazing artwork around every corner. The murals are dumbfounding, perplexing and really bring the city to life. There is so much colour and character in these paintings.

Last night I went for dinner in Alba Granados. I had a delectable paella. The wide variety of fish was freshly caught from the sea that morning, then slow cooked over a smokey barbecue. The rice and vegetables were from the daily market, fresh from the countryside. The dish had such bountiful exotic tastes, it was intoxicating.   On Saturday I went to the north of the city to see the La Sagrada Familia. You could see the majestic building for miles around. It was built by Antoni Gaudí, a famous architect in 1882 and is still incomplete. I was enhanced and bedazzled by the spectacular entrance. Inside everything was so intricate. It was bewildering. Gaudí had such imagination. So much endeavor has gone into every sinuous and detail. The building was so grand and sumptuous. This was the most phenomenal place I’ve ever been. It is absolutely worth going to.   After that I went to Parc Güell. This park was also built by Gaudí in 1914. This park is so picturesque, it’s a fantastical gingerbread village. It has the biggest green area in Barcelona. Here is the quintessential view of the whole city on a tailor-made hill. This whimsical wonderland is resplendent. These buildings are inspired by nature with unique architectural features. The 17.18 hectare park has many incredible architectural details that clearly show Gaudí’s efforts to make this space unique. Look to the wavy shapes reminiscent of flowing lava, the covered walkways with columns shaped like trees, the icicle and geometric shapes, and the use of ceramic and coloured glass, to name a few characteristics that make this park like no other. In addition, the park’s location on the edge of central Barcelona and its high altitude strongly contrasts with the noise and frenzy of the Catalan capital. It is a place of peace and tranquility. Gaudí also sought to integrate the park into the natural surroundings; he built stone columns in the real-life shape and size of tree trunks, as well as created icicle-like formations and natural caves.   This is indisputably the best, unforgettable holiday. There’s an energy to the city of Barcelona that becomes infectious.

Hope you had a nice weekend too.


Katie xx