Liosmór Mochuda N.S.


By Thea Thompson. 5th Class, Liosmór Mochuda N.S., North Mall, Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Dear Mom & Dad,

This week has been amazing! Alexis and I went to see an Opera in the world famous Sydney Opera House. Madame Butterfly was on. It was OK, I guess. Alexis seemed to enjoy it though.   When we got to our posh little flat we just flopped on our beds and I can’t remember anything else. Yesterday, we started our 4-day tour in the Great Barrier Reef. My god, it’s so pretty! The fish are so colourful. The coral up close is AMAZING, but because of pollution some of it has died. Alexis went on a mad rant about how people should do more to stop pollution. After we go on our 4-day tour we are travelling down to South Korea to see B.T.S. The concert is meant to be so cool. I am so excited. Our apartment is meant to be really modern and high-tech, apparently, our rooms are supposed to have a contemporary bathroom with a mini kitchen! Alexis has got it into her head that we will see B.T.S.I don’t believe her though.

I would love to go to Spain next so we could swim with the dolphins but Alexis says that she is afraid of dolphins. I just told she is a big wimp and not to be scared they are beautiful creatures.   Anyway enough from me. I’ll talk to you soon.  I miss you but I will see you really soon.


Thea xx