Another Life, A New Mind

Ardscoil Phadraig Granard

Hello, my dearest friend,

I know we haven’t talked in a while but I still feel like I can tell you everything that is on my mind. At this moment, my year apart from my whole family is nearly over, and even though it was and still is a year full of fun, experience, learning and changing but all good things must come to an end.   I didn’t know what a meaningful year it was going to be when I got on the Aer Lingus plane. I thought I’m just going for a short time. When I met my host family, my new family for the year, I realised the truth. During the past eight months, I lived a different life than the life I paused in Germany. I learnt a new language, I got introduced to a new culture, I saw a new country and I met new people. Every single one of them told me a different story. Stories about the history, stories about people that failed, stories about people that had done well in their lives, stories about families and friendships. The really brave ones talked about their own dreams, losses and failures. In the same way, all these people taught me a lesson. They taught me to be open minded, honest and straight forward. They taught me to listen to everyone, not to judge too early and to not discuss with idiots because you can’t win these discussions. You’re probably wondering what I was doing the whole time, I tell you!!! I saw many cities. Cities with small streets. I wandered around in them, looking for mysterious little shops to buy unique souvenirs. I’ve been to the ocean listening to stories of giants that build the landscape because they were afraid of water. Looking for shells and beautiful stones as I used to do it as a little child. Walking in the water barefoot. I climbed hills and mountains. Walked over rocks and stones to reach the top. Going for my limits.  Reaching for the clouds above my head. Taking pictures of the beautiful views and enjoying the green nature of Ireland. And now this all is going to be over soon. This year won’t be the best in my life. It was perfect sometimes and far from perfect other times. If I add all the ups and downs together the year was and still is a very positive experience.  I’m looking forward to going home again in the same way as I looked forward to starting this year. Even though I changed, I’m still the same person coming back to Germany. I’ll keep going with my paused life but I won’t forget the cities I was in, the streets I wandered, the mountains I climbed, the coast I saw or a single one of the people I met. Even if I have to go home soon, I’ll be back to see all this again.

To see Ireland again.

See you soon, Carina.