An Australian Adventure

St Joseph's Secondary School, Spanish Point.

Coogee Rd,


New South Wales,



Hi Pádraig,

Well, how are you? How’s Mam and Dad? Are ye missing me yet? I have so much to fill you in on.   First of all, Sydney has been the most wonderful experience!! I’m having great craic out here with Ciaran. It is such a pity you aren’t here with us, we would all have a great laugh.   Christmas on Coogee Beach was one to remember. I never imagined myself eating a chicken caesar salad for Christmas dinner on a beach in a scorching forty degrees heat and then going for a refreshing dip in the water but I would 100% do it all over again.   After the Christmas madness we took a boat cruise around Sydney Harbour. I was in awe when I first got a glimpse of Sydney Opera House. It is such an amazing piece of architecture I always dreamed I would get to see. That evening we watched the most breathtaking orchestra in the incredible Opera House. It was a chance of a lifetime, what a major tick off my bucket list! We also visited Taronga Zoo. There was every kind of animal under the sun there, from koalas to kangaroos. It was unbelievable to hear the growls from the bears, the trumpets from the elephants and the roars from the lions. One of the most exciting moments of this trip was going to Bondi Beach. It was incredible to see the monstrous waves crashing against the shore and the thousands of people lying out in the beaming sun. It was just as crazy as ‘Bondi Rescue’ makes it out to be!   I must say I absolutely love Sydney! The culture here is very rich. Everyone seems so relaxed compared to back home. People spend their evenings dressed in shorts and sandals, lying out on the beach, taking in the sun. The food here is so appealing and delicious. We have a barbeque almost every evening and the ‘fish and chips’ which are extremely popular here are absolutely mouth watering. I regularly hear the locals calling “G’day mate” to one another which always reminds me of the evenings I spent lying on the couch watching ‘Home and Away’. One of my favourite pastimes here is playing a game of volleyball on the beach with my new Ozzie friends, whom I met through Ciaran.

Sydney has unquestionably been my favourite holiday destination that I have had the pleasure to pay a visit to. The worst part though was the flight. I was up in the clouds for twenty-two hours… twenty-two hours!!! I was never so ready to step off a plane in my life although luckily I had a break with a stopover in Dubai.   I am heading for Melbourne in two weeks, I am absolutely buzzing!! I can’t wait to be reunited with Sarah. Two years is a long time without seeing your best friend. We have SO much catching up to do. Melbourne should be gorgeous as well. I can’t believe I’m on the other side of the world for another few weeks. I am not looking forward to getting back to reality, haha. I have so much planned to do in Melbourne. Sarah has taken the week off work and she will show me around her ‘second home’. What things do you plan to do?   That’s all my news for the moment. I will make sure to send you lots of pictures from my travels so you will be up to speed with it all. Also, tell Mam and Dad I will give them a call in the next few days. I will talk to you soon.

Lots of love, Eilish