An Adventure

Saint John of God N.S.

Dear Emer,

I have always dreamed of going to an exotic country. I have travelled to the four edges of the west, from the south of California to the north of Canada, the sandy beaches of Greece to the bustling city of Vancouver. I wanted to explore elsewhere.   Landing in the bustling Costa Rican airport, I was mesmerized. This was a whole new adventure for me.  As I was driven to my hotel I took in the marvellous views of waterfalls and wildlife passing before my eyes. This was like nothing I had ever seen. Once I arrived I was in awe. I had heard of the rich history in this area but seeing was even better. The architecture was so detailed. A high ceiling with a spiralling staircase winding down to the floor, detailed designs running down the side.   When I checked in I saw it was raining outside. So I decided to go swimming, my poor mother came along reluctantly. The outdoor pool was overflowing, water reaching out beyond the paths surrounding the pool. I jumped in, my toes nearly reaching the floor of the pool.

The following day, we took a lengthy 5-hour journey to the next hotel. This one was situated on the west coast facing out onto the Pacific. It was a massive resort that had anything you could think of. It was truly one of the most amazing hotels I’ve ever stayed in.

I wanted an adventure and an adventure I received.