An Adventure to the Unknown

Scoil Mhuire, Corofin, Co.Clare

Hello Mam,

I am still over the moon that I am one of the ten people that got picked to go to the land of the Unknown. There’s Unicorns and Fairies everywhere. There is one man though who has been putting everyone in a bad mood. His face is sharp and bony as though all the soft flesh has been eaten away by sorrow. Eyes that could’ve been made of grass, there’s no warmth or curiosity. We don’t let him get in our way though. When we arrived we got a warm welcome from a friendly unicorn called Sprinkles. She showed us around and it was gorgeous. I wish you were here to see it. You won’t believe what I’m going to say next. Our house is made of gingerbread, yes, that’s right, I’m staying in a gingerbread house! The only bad thing about it is that I only get to stay for a week. The other day I went for a nice walk to the ‘beach’, but when I got there I was stunned. I was expecting crystal clear water with dark yellow sand but what I got was melted chocolate with sprinkles (which I am not complaining about by the way.) Anyway the culture here is unusually beautiful. That’s all the news I have for now.

I miss you so much.

Goodbye from your favourite daughter Molly.