Adventure to Ireland

John Scottus NS


Dear Granny,

I have arrived at my destination, Ireland, with my mother and father. As we were  walking out of the plane it was very cold ,cold as a hot water bottle in the morning ,it was freezing ! Then we arrived at the checkpoint where they searched our bags. The security guard asked in a loud deep voice “Do you have any substances?” and  I replied with scared “no.” As soon as we got out of there, we went to fetch our bags. We met my mother’s drivers. During the journey from the airport, the adults kept on talking, talking and talking . It was like listening to a herd of hyenas. We finally got to the Mespil Hotel. We booked our rooms, the view was stunning and the bed silk smooth as a baby’s bum. The beds were warm and pulpy, their bathroom was impressively elegant.

The next two days were fun.  My mum and I went to the indoor pool, then ate some pizza and went for breakfast downstairs. For breakfast, I had some tea, croissants, apples and some coco pops.   My parents and I went to Dun Laoghaire Pier for a little stroll .  I ordered a Kid’s Cream 99 from Teddy’s. The ice cream there tastes so flavourful and my parents got some popcorn and a double cone to share. Our adventure is fun.

We are enjoying it but I wish you were here too.