Adventure in China!

St. Attracta's Community School

Dear mum and dad,

How are you?

Sorry, I haven’t written to you in a long time. I was quite busy as I was on holidays in China.

I had an unimaginable experience at a beach in Huangshan City while I was staying there and I’ll get to the story soon but let me tell you a bit about other things I did first. It was so interesting and intriguing here in China! I learned a lot about the enticing culture and the language, and with the help of the amazing people I met, I was able to even learn a bit of Mandarin! Did you know that there are so many different places to explore in China? Where I was staying in Huangshan City, there were all these amazing places you could visit. I was able to go on a cable car for the first time in my life. I absolutely loved it there and I hope next time I visit there, you’d be able to come with me. Although I did a lot of beguiling activities while I was there, there was one specific adventure that I’ll never forget for sure. I was on the beach one day that was located near the hotel I was staying at. The ocean looked absolutely ravishing, the water was a clear blue, the sand underneath it still visible, dolphins were even jumping around in the water, it was almost magical in a way. I was leaning against a large thing that looked like a hill or a cliff when all of a sudden I fell in! It alarmed me and caused me to become terror-stricken. I slid down a dirty rocky surface, catching a few bruises here and there but luckily I didn’t break anything. I ended up landing on the dirt covered rock with a thud. You will not believe what I saw down there! As I got up I noticed the small torches lighting up the walls that were shimmering due to the little clear pond in the middle of the cave reflecting on them. It looked like a wonderland, it was absolutely stunning. I never knew places like that could exist, it was like a special place someone spent a lot of time in. Rose petals were scattered across the light blue water, floating, as if they were almost majestic. I’ve honestly never seen such a prepossessing sight in my entire life!  I’m still not able to describe its beauty properly, words still not finding their way into my mouth. I can definitely assure you that there’s nothing more appealing than that little underground area. A white dolphin suddenly came from this little gap at the end of the pond that connects to the sea. The dolphin started squeaking at me and moved around as if it wanted me to follow it. Me, being the typical curious teenager I was, jumped right into the shining water as if it was no big deal. I didn’t know what was awaiting me as I felt my feet touch the bottom of the little pool. When the dolphin somehow motioned me to follow him, I felt as if I was in a trance. I definitely wasn’t acting myself and anyone would’ve been able to tell. The last thing I remember is gasping in this huge breath of fresh air and swimming through the ocean with the help of a dolphin’s fin! I’ve never been involved in anything so beautiful before. Of course, I’ve experienced an enormous amount of beautiful things but swimming with this majestic creature, in one of the most alluring places was truly one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever done and I don’t think anything could ever beat that experience. Soon enough I was washed back up on land, though I had never passed out, to begin with. In the span of just 40 seconds, as I was holding my breath, I was able to swim through the ocean with a white dolphin! Honestly, I don’t think anyone would ever believe me if I told them that but the experience is worth every second of people, not believing me at all. I’ll be coming home soon, so I’ll tell you more about the experience when I get back. You might not believe me either as you’re reading this letter but I suppose it is quite a far-fetched story, even if it is as real as it could get. I have to go now, I want to say goodbye to the dolphins before I leave to get my things packed and ready to go.

Don’t miss me too much, you’ll see me again in less than a week!

See you soon.

Love, Rose.