A trip we won’t forget!

St Louis Dundalk





Salut Kylie,

So here we are travelling down the road in the camper and all of a sudden there comes a chugging and ticking noise and it’s coming from the engine. So we pull over and there’s a big bang and a puff of smoke something was wrong with the engine but we didn’t know what. So we stopped a car passing and tried to ask for help and let me tell you it was so funny seeing dad trying to explain what happened and the look of confusion on the man’s face. So an hour passed and dad finally got the man to understand and he called someone so that was 2 days of our holiday gone but it was so worth it to see dad making a complete fool of himself. Anyway, when we finally got going again we decided to go to Strasbourg old town, a medieval city. It was class. The buildings were so old and beautiful it felt like we went back in time. We then went to the Alps and Lake Annecy. We loved it so much we ended up staying in campsites around that area for 2 weeks. We then travelled all the way up to Paris and believe me it was a long drive but it was way worse the fact that it was 30 degrees outside and hot and stuffy when travelling. It was great when we finally arrived. We first went to see the Eiffel tower and believe me it was high I nearly threw up. We didn’t go to the restaurant at the top because Sarah was too afraid. So by now, my sisters were getting bored as up until then they weren’t really doing anything they found interesting so Mam and Dad surprised us with a trip to Disneyland! We ended up staying 4 days and 5 nights and I know this is going to sound babyish but my favourite ride was it’s a small world (I’m still singing the song). On the first day, we booked one of the restaurants in the park which was to die for. We spent our days going on loads of rides and having a blast. It was a great experience and I hope in a couple of years we will be able to come back. Since then we have been travelling around the coast sightseeing and visiting parks – we must remember that because we haven’t heard that once on this trip. So we have only one day left on this trip and it has been out of this world amazing and crazy but most of all it has been a family holiday I’m sure we won’t forget and I’m sure the French people won’t either!   I hope next year we can meet up again and have a laugh because we had such good craic on the beach and the water park.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois

Fiona xx