A Trip to Seoul

Duiske College


South Korea


Dear Mark,

Wow, just wow. I don’t even have words to describe how beautiful it is here. Honestly, you can’t compare anywhere to Seoul. I’ve had such an adventure these last two weeks, and I can’t wait to tell you in person. But because I can’t wait, I’ll spill some now. Listen, it’s hard to know where to begin. Travelling alone is scary, but something about this….. I don’t know, seemed just fine. I mean, the flight was a bit of a pain, but that’s all part of the experience. Once I landed in the city, jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks. First thing on the agenda was sleeping and that’s just what I did. The next day, sure I was a wreck, but I was buzzing to get out and experince some of the culture. First thing I wanted to do was visit Lotte World. I know you’ve seen me researching the place for the last few weeks, but I can’t help it! Amusement parks are definitely my cup of tea, and boy was this an amusement park. Sure I was alone, but if you, or my sister, had been here, the whole day would of consisted of you refusing to do anything. This place is insane! Unashamedly, I spent a good seven hours there. Trust me, if you loved rollercoasters as much as I did, you would understand why I’m such an adrenaline junkie. After my adventurous first day, from here on out I was planning to just chill. Maybe go for some walks, visit some Caf├ęs, some traditional Korean restaurants. It had always been my plan to get as immersed in this unbelievably different culture as I can. By Friday I was completely drained. I had done so much walking, too scared I would run out of money if I spent it on any taxis. Everynight getting into bed was like climbing into a world of clouds! The parks here are gorgeous! I know you’d love them. The colours are so vibrant, you’d have your camera out taking photos in no time. In fact, I took some of my own, nowhere near as professional as yours though. Haneul Park truly is a gem, and I pinky-promise I’ll bring you sometime in the future. Oh! Before I forget, I met someone. Yes he’s Korean, but his English is amazing. He was busking in Hongdae, and asked me to go get coffee with him. Ugh, Mark you should hear his voice! I genuinely thought I was listening to an Angel from the high Heavens. I suppose his face isn’t too bad either. (hehe) Well, this is where I must sign off. I promise I’ll bring back lots of souvenirs and memories! I saw this shop that sold cute little wooden blocks with Hangul on them, that instantly made me think of you. We might never know what they say, but they’re so cute!

Can’t wait to see you in a week,

Eimear xxx