A Trip to Fairytale Land

Scoil Mhuire Corofin Co clare

Greetings to my lovely family!

We are at granny’s house now. We found a mystery door that we now know is a portal to a Fairytale land. When we were exploring, a lady wearing a black veil with a pale white face and deep red eyes kidnapped Sean. Darragh and I are petrified about adventuring into this world to save Sean. It’s five days later and you won’t believe who we found we found Little Red Riding Hood although she is not as little anymore. Red gave us a journal that belonged to a man who was from our world who was also adventuring into this world. Tomorrow we are facing the evil Enchantress who cursed sleeping beauty and saving Sean. It is now the next day so we must get going. We are now on a taxi well we are now flying on birds. We are finally at the castle it’s big and grey. It looks really scary as it is pitch black and there are shadows everywhere. We are now in the castle. We found the Evil Enchantress but we need to distract her. Darragh did the job by falling over and making a lot of noise. I found Sean while she was distracted. We need to get out of here before she gets back. Darragh was outside waiting for us. The last thing we need to do is speak to the Fairy Godmother so we told the birds to take us there. We arrived there we saw the most beautiful castle ever with windows as big as the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. The guards led us inside. The fairy Godmother ran over to us the minute she saw us and I knew exactly why she was our granny and the journal we were using was our dads.

We are having an amazing time here.

See you soon.

Love Hannah