Colaiste Phobal Ros cre

2, Bourbon Street



25 September 2018

Dear Mam,

I am having the most wonderful, extraordinary time in Amsterdam! It is the most beautiful country I have been to so far, even though I still have to go to Tokyo in Japan, Los Angeles in America, Berlin in Germany, Madrid in Spain and Sydney in Australia. I just can’t wait to visit them all!   The people here are so friendly! I’ve been making many friends here. I have even met someone from Ireland too. His name is Ryan and he is a singer from Dublin who writes his own songs and performs in pubs and on the streets of Amsterdam. He hopes to make it big in the world and I hope he does too because he is very talented. I think I’m starting to develop a little crush!   We have been to a lot of different places in Amsterdam like a canal cruise, the Heneiken experience, the Amsterdam Royle Place, the Van Gough museum and the Anne Frank museum.   My favourite place I have been to is the Anne Frank museum. It was so amazing. I would stay here forever if I could. It was absolutely wonderful to see the story of Anne Frank through quotes, photos, videos and original items inside the Anne Frank museum is authentic.   Today Ryan and I, are going on another canal cruise. I cannot wait to show you all the pictures and all the videos of where I have been and what I have seen. It was such an amazing experience. I hope we could go there for a few days out here and what a coincidence myself and Ryan are going home on the same day, same flight and same time so maybe you could even meet him!   I miss you very much. I hope the boys are being good for you. I miss them very much too. How is Granddad? Is he ok? He has not been answering my calls. I am very worried about him. I miss the calls with him making his stupid but the odd time funny jokes. I don’t want to leave here but I really want to see you! I can’t wait for a big hug off my mother and some quality time with my family! I really wish you would buy a phone as it would be much easier to talk to you!! We could Facetime or call and even message but I can hear you saying, ‘sure didn’t they survive back in my day?’ It’s just so much hassle sending these letters to one another when we could just talk on the phone and t would be like if we were talking in person but there is just no winning with you man! Hahaha

It’s getting late now an I have to be up at 7 am tomorrow for this canal cruise. I’ll be wrecked! But ah sure yo only live once!

Reply soon Mam, love you loads xx

Gemma x