A trip in London

john scottus

Dear Granny,

We are having a lovely time in London.  As soon as we got here, we got on a train.  The train ground to a halt at the train station and we all stepped on.  The doors shut tight and the train began to slowly move and then jolted forward. When we got off the train, vivid sunshine fell on our heads and we headed for the  underground.

We all tapped our cards on the card reader and a beam of green light shone on our faces,  then the doors whacked open. We went down the extremely steep escalator and stood to the right (because if we didn’t stand to the right, the rushing people would get very annoyed ).  Then we got on the tube and went to Bounds Green.

Once we got to Bounds Green we went to the local shop and bought presents for the people we are staying with and we walked down to their house.

The next day we went to the Museum.  We saw an outstandingly long table filled with pills and it said that was how many pills the average people would have in their lifetime.   The next day I went to Oxford Street.  We went to Topshop and it was the biggest Topshop I ever saw in my life.

It was tremendously massive with three floors and there were food and drinks.  Even though I did not buy anything, it was great fun.

Yours sincerely,