A Tarnished Boundary

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

Dear Mother,

I’m sorry but I don’t have much time. I am in grave danger. I have disturbed an ancient tomb off the coast of Indonesia. I will need you to do some things at home. It all started as I was exploring the land of Yogyakarta when I discovered an ancient tomb that has never been recorded in history. This is very important Mother, it is called the Tomb of Anarkajj. I began to proceed my way into the tomb. It was dark and desolate and extremely eerie but I still continued to explore it. Without warning I came across a sharp ledge to the cave, and beneath the ledge was a passage that is the longest and  most intimidating passage I have ever seen but of course I jumped. When I landed the ground was unyielding and damp, there was a smell of must. For this I knew that water was near and that I needed to find it. From the jump I knew that I had broken at least one of my legs and ribs. I dragged myself to what I thought was the water’s ledge and fell in. Little did I know I had just fell into the most sacred pool of water on Earth and that I had just disturbed the spirits of old which had been asleep for thousands of years.  The water was cool and reduced the pain as much as it could. It was remarkably dark and I couldn’t see anything but I could feel the water trembling beneath me. Suddenly, I could make out the outline of an army of massive Griffinchats. I had only read about these once before in one of the most complex history books in the world. I know that they are deadly. For many who might not know, a Griffinchat has a build of a lion, wings of an eagle and teeth as sharp as a crocodile. I knew there was no getting out of this situation. And what’s more is that they were trained and armed. I can still remember their exact words, “you have just awoken many spirits of the old age and poisoned the most sacred water on Earth which is used to heal unsettled spirits.” “You have just tarnished the boundary between our world and the spirit world”. I knew what I had done and I knew that I would be killed for it. I pleaded for mercy but I knew I would not get any. They took me to the other side of the cave and made me reveal who I was. They were appalled by who I was and were afraid that I would reveal the location of the tomb. One Griffinchat took out their steel sword and slashed my stomach. They left me on a cold, damp slab of stone and that is when I began to write this letter.

I will not survive this and I need you to share my discoveries when you receive this letter.