A stormy beginning

Newtown school Waterford

Hi Mam, Hi Dad,

As you know a storm came by and my light-feathered body got carried away by the bitterly cold wind. When I landed in a mysterious place the first thing I noticed was the beaming sun. The sun was so nice and warm and I recovered quickly from the hypothermic effects of that dreadful storm. There were a lot of beaches with lots and lots of people. I’ve never seen so many people on a beach before. The sand was white as snow and the sea was clear as glass. I also heard the sound of the waves hitting the rocky cliffs. On the beach, there were children dancing and playing to the sound of music. When I was hungry, I found a boat with fishermen on it. Behind the boat, there were baskets of silverfish. I decided to swoop in with my sharp claws and take a few fish from the woven basket. Ohh boy! That was the most scrumptious fish I’ve tasted in ages! By the time it was dark, I felt sleepy. I found a small cliff by the roaring sea. It was a well-fitted place for my size and assured me a good night’s sleep. The following morning I was woken up by a friendly pigeon named Kiwi. We talked for a while and I explained to her what had happened to me. She helped me to get to know the area. You might be wondering what new place I’m in? Kiwi told me I have landed in a country called Bulgaria! Don’t worry Mam and Dad. I’m actually loving it here! You should visit me. I think you’d like it, especially the feel of the warm sun on your feathers. I’m taking part in so many fun activities with Kiwi around here. Kiwi and I have explored all that Bulgaria has to offer. We went fishing, diving and flying around the cliffs. Even the humans are friendly here! We will see each other again. Get a flight to Bulgaria or just hope for another storm to carry you here 😉

Your beloved son,