A Space Trip

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

The Space Trip.

Henry Murphy

423, Yung street.


16 May 2019

Deirdre Murphy

12 Priory Park,

Limerick city,



Dear Deirdre

This place is beautiful, there’s nothing that can compare to it, it’s incredible. I had a very safe trip over so tell mom and dad to stop worrying as I’m fine. How are you and the cat? Of course, how are mum and das aswell? It’s fantastic here. There’s a load of new creatures that I’ve never seen before nor has anyone else. We sadly lost one of our pet’s on the trip and it seems to have landed on a different planet. It’s only inhabitants there are some turtles and some mice so it’ll last a while there. We’ve made contact with one of the creatures and it’s majestic. It’s a passive creature so we intend to try and take it home with us. Of course, we’ll return it after a few tests. The problem is trying to get it in the ship. Its wings are like massive and are much more powerful than any plane that I’ve seen. Not even the most powerful plane that Aerlingus owns can beat its speed and strength. One of our crew tried riding on it and it was pretty funny. He fell off a few times but never got hurt as the gravity here is very light so movement is much easier. If we jump high enough we can touch the stars but we won’t try it. They have their own star that the planet orbit’s around. We named it the White Light as it’s like a white speck in this dark universe. We might be able to live on this planet for a while and maybe drag the earth with us. It’s peaceful here and I’m sure mom and dad would have loved to have seen it. Anyways there are some human-like creatures here who are pretty advanced just like ourselves and they seem to want to form an alliance with the United Planets of the Universe and we’d be glad to have them. They’re a little bit small but they’re more intelligent than us. Not even our best and smartest man could beat them in a game of intergalactic chess. It’s incredible how good they are.

Well I’ll be home soon, throw the kettle on will you?

Oh and order some take away for us.

Cya soon!

Yours truly Henry Murphy