A New Chapter

Christ King Secondary School

Dear Sandra,

I’m writing this to you with such excitement. My dearest sister if only you could see for yourself, the beauty that lies within the Parisian streets. It’s absolutely beautiful. When I arrived I felt encouraged with a shift in atmosphere. The language is exotic and has a delicate twang to it. There’s bakeries and pastry shops on every corner and colourful macarons displayed in windows. The cobbled streets are picturesque as you look up to see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. This place is so busy there’s people everywhere racing to get to places and whizzing past. The women are tall and tanned with chestnut brown hair and have a certain exotic feel whilst the men are broad shouldered and well-postured.

The city is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, with big gigantic shops and quirky small places full of knick-knacks. Then there’s the big designer brand shops on strips of the street for miles on end. I peek inside because my mere appearance wouldn’t be worth even a fraction of the expensive shoes. I feel out of place there, but it’s nice to look. I didn’t realise coming here would fizzle my insides with such an excitement and a joy I hadn’t felt for months. You know how hard it was for me back home and I couldn’t of possibly stayed in that house with mom and dad any longer. Besides, I wanted to explore and have an adventure and the timing seemed right. Now, I’m here roaming the Parisian streets trying to speak French (badly might I add) and eating croissants and delicate cuisine. I love it here and I have a feeling you’d love it here too. At night, I’ve a small view from my hotel of the Eiffel tower lighting up, I can only see the tip but that’s enough for me to feel the magic. When I visited the landmark, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s infrastructure and design are enough to intrigue all the architect’s in the world. It’s broad platform and then narrowing top is a carefully planned out yet elegant design. I climbed up and up the stairs because I wanted to get the full experience (I certainly regretted soon after because there was a lot of stairs). But once I reached the top my breathe was taken away from the sheer beauty of it all. The gardens displayed neatly down below and the millions of lights from various buildings. Everyone looked so little from above. It was like I could step back and observe life. I thought this must’ve been what a higher power could see. They could see a million different things going on at once yet all moving in a perfect harmony.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Louvre and I’ve already bookmarked all the paintings I’d like to see when I get there. I think coming here has made me realise how exquisite life can be when you experience it. I think I’m done feeling sorry for myself and I’m going to just be free and me because that’s who I can be.

I love you so so much and I’ll talk to you soon.

Yours sincerely,