A ‘Mostly’ True Story

Mary Immaculate Secondary School

The Blue Tent

South of the Mesa



Dear Mum,

Sorry, I didn’t write sooner, but that Aer Lingus flight was so relaxing it must have slipped my mind to write last week. So, sorry if you had started to worry about me. I’m very much okay as I’ve successfully set up camp. I know I said I’d start looking for gold as soon as I got to the mesa, but I found out there was a jungle next to it, so I had to check it out. I headed out in the direction of it that I remembered (yes, I did put on the Holy water that you gave me) and found it relatively quickly, after taking out a few poisonous spiders’ nests on the way. I did feel a bit guilty, but not so much that I’d rather get bitten when they came back. There was a little stream to cross as well, but it wasn’t that bad considering how hot it was. The jungle seemed bigger than life. It was greener than a seasick leprechaun, and the trees were taller than apartment blocks, and it was filled to the brim with cocoa beans everywhere. I took some back and made some cookies like the ones you made me when I was little. There was nothing special for a while, just grass and trees and endless vines in my face, then suddenly I saw the most unexpected thing: a house. I realised I’d stumbled across a little jungle village. The locals were constant mumblers. I had to try very hard to understand them normally, but they were very friendly. This guy let me sleep in his upstairs since it was getting dark, and in the morning, he told me about a rumoured temple about ten minutes away, so I said I’d check it out. I wasn’t sure what to expect in this temple, should it be real, but it was fantastic. It wasn’t all that tall, but it looked like some sort of big bomb shelter with these pillars on top, cut so well and such squared edges, all made of cobblestone, and almost covered in vines (not very surprising). Then I found out that its true height was hidden underneath. There were some traps, but I luckily noticed the tripwires before I got an arrow in my face. I’m going to take a bunch of stuff I found back for the museum, but I’ll be keeping one of those diamonds I found for myself. After that, I headed all the way back here to camp to write this letter. I’ll get it mailed to you as soon as possible, so pretty much in about two minutes. You know what my plan is, I’ll be back late next week and I’m going to go out and start mining tomorrow (at the time of writing). I’ll bring back some gold if I find some.

Lots of love,