A Message From America

St Patricks, Strangsmills

Dear Lizzy,

I hope everyone is good at home even fluffy. Yesterday I went on a LEGO ride. Today we’re relaxing in the pool and looking around town. The flight over here was a nightmare, babies were crying and everything, but we’re fine now. How is it at home ? I miss you so much. I’m a bit sad that I missed the sports day but I did a baking camp and made Mickey Mouse jam tarts yum. I’ll make you some when I’m home. I also went to a concert, it was amazing. I got you a T-shirt from there. You will love it it has a marble effect pink and navy, awesome. Tomorrow I’m going to West Virginia and after that Hollywood. I’ll get you a souvenir, I promise. Did fluffy go to the cat vet yet she wasn’t eating anything before I left. Her fur wasn’t sticking up as usual. I am making a lemonade stand and bringing the money home and getting toys for us. We arrived late last night and at this new resort today. I opened the window and I saw a golf course with wild animals. We are going to a river for lunch at the resort. It sparkles in the Sun, well that’s what the brochure said but I can see it from my bedroom window and it looks like a fairy pond. It was magical there. There is an escape room down the road so we’re going there after lunch. There is a haunted library, I don’t even like libraries now, but a spooky one no no no.

Your travelling friend,