A Long Lost Love…. Found?

Bailieborough Community School

Royal Singosari Kuta,

Kabupaten Badung,

Bali 80361, Indonesia,

24th May 2019

Dear Vanessa,

It’s been a while! Woah, have I missed your company. How are you getting on? My sources back home tell me that you’re still single. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a contributing factor to me writing this letter.  I guess I should explain what I’m up to nowadays. As you know, after we finished school, I did the Accounting and Finance course in DCU. That lasted three years, and I went on to do the Masters for the fourth year. After that, I was fairly sick of work but no rest for the wicked! I was delighted to be offered a job in Deloitte, and I worked in their Dublin offices for a couple of years before I was promoted, and given the chance to move to the Dubai offices. Now, you know more than anyone else that it’s always been my dream to live in Dubai. So I’ve been there for 4 years! This summer has been my first proper break from work for a long time, and I’m spending a couple of months traveling around Europe and Asia.  One thing I’ve realized recently is how beautiful this world we live in really is. So far, I’ve visited New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, and Thailand to visit Uncle John. Everywhere I go, I’m absolutely stunned by the amazing views. Often, you will find me sitting on my own, in front of a beach or a sunset, completely in awe of nature. In two days, I head to Dili, where I’m meeting the twins, Milky and Fred, from school! Remember them? They were the one who filled Miss Maguire’s perfume with vinegar in fifth year. They’re businessmen now, and they’re taking me for a six-course meal at one of the many hotels they sponsor! How times change, eh!  Anyway, there’s my story. Quite the change from the boy I was at seventeen when all I cared about was waking up the next morning knowing that you would still be in love with me! I sometimes wonder where I would be now if things worked out differently. I know it would never have worked, with you going to college in Cork and everything. People meet me now and they say, “You have the perfect life”. Now, yes, my life is great, and I’ve discovered that although money doesn’t buy you happiness, it certainly helps! But the one thing I can’t seem to find is love. Believe me, a lot of people have tried. But I always end up pushing women away. I always find problems with them, even when all my friends are telling me how this is the ‘dream girl’. I know it sounds crazy, but I just don’t think I ever actually got over us. It just seems that I’m always looking for you in every woman. I’m only holding out hope that you may feel somewhat the same because my sources tell me you’ve been quite similar regarding men. I sent this on a letter instead of online because I know how much you used to love my letters.  If there’s any chance you’d be interested in catching up, my number is 087222222.

If not, sorry for scaring you and hope you have a good life!

All the best,