A Letter in Nice

Ard Scoil na nDesie

14 Leacan Fionn,




Dear Kayleigh,

Hope you’re doing well. I’m staying in a stunning hotel in Nice on the Southern coast, where I’m staying for a week. Only a quick tram ride away from the beach. The boardwalk is incredible with clear, blue water and a castle on the hill. I have to tell you about my trip to the castle yesterday! It was a memorable one for sure.   my cousin Megan and I took a tram to the old town to explore. We walked through small, steep streets seeing the castle walls coming towards us with each stride. We followed the signs until we found the base of the steps, it was a long journey to the top but we were prepared. We trekked up the stone steps until we got to the first view point. We took a break to take pictures as this was a moment we didn’t want to forget. But our goal was to reach the top so we kept going in the heat of the French Rivieras. We passed many other tourists on this journey making light conversation and enjoying the view to pass time.

What we weren’t aware of at the time was how many different routes lead to the castle. Our only thought was to keep going higher for the view that awaited us. Many areas of the path were dangerous, at such a height there were only old, rusted railings for safety. One wrong step and I could have fallen through the trees and thorns onto the stone ground below. These thoughts didn’t help my fear of heights but I was distracted by a loud rush of water overhead. I quickened my pace to find out what the noise was, twisting and turning around staircases until I was met with a spray of water. I covered my face with my hood and scurried to the dry viewpoint. It was a waterfall stretching high up into the sky. It was surrounded by families and couples looking up in awe of the incredible cascade of water.   Above the waterfall stood more people peering down. I knew we were close to the top and continued the journey. My footsteps became more rushed as I made my way to up the final staircase. I couldn’t contain my excitement, standing on the top step I took a deep breath of fresh air in before I went to the edge of the castle roof on which I stood. I waited for my cousin and far beyond the stonewall was the magnificent view of Nice. On my left was the sea, blue as can be just like the sky above me. It met with the city on my right which travelled as far as the eye can see. The boardwalk at the base of the castle was filled with joyous faces and I thought to myself “I’ve made it. I’m living the dream”.

I hope to see you soon,

Lauryn Neylin