A Letter Home From The Rainforest!

Scoill Mhuire, Corofin, Co Clare

Hello, my family!

I dearly miss you. I do hope you understand why I’ve been gone so long. It’s just so beautiful here in Brazil. My hotel isn’t too far from the Amazon Rainforest. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see. Oh, and I saw the most beautiful house ever and I’m thinking of buying it with the money I earned from playing music on the street. The craziest thing happened last week. I went into the Rainforest with some friends and some amazing animal that I have never seen in my life came up to us it was very friendly at first. But after we fed it food it went crazy and chased us all the way to the hotel. So we called animal control and they’ve never seen anything like it and it was a lucky find. Animal control gave it to scientists to check it and give it some tests and they said they’ll keep us updated. You should visit some day it’s amazing out here and I wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on anything. The weather here is amazing, I haven’t seen one dark droopy cloud since I’ve got here. ¬†Oh, I wish you were here with me! It would make this trip a hundred times better.

All is well and I hope to hear from you soon.

Goodbye to all.