A letter home from Orlando, Florida

St Louis Secondary School Dundalk

 A Letter Home From Orlando, Florida


                                                                           7600 International Dr,


                                                                                                 FL 32819,


Dear Hollie,

Hey, “Are you guys from Ireland? Oh my gosh, I have family over there” (that’s all I’ve been hearing for the past week!). Yesterday we were in a “store” and a man heard us talking and asked if we were Irish and started telling us a whole big story about his family in Ireland and how it took him 16 hours in a car to get to Orlando from Boston (I know – 16 hours!). We were talking to some people here and a lot of them came here on “vacation” and went on “road trips” to get here, a lot of them have never been on a plane or out of America. Sorry about that rant, you probably want to know what I’ve been up to.


Well, to say the least, I have always been on the go. We didn’t realise how busy this holiday would be (Mam says we’ll need another holiday after to actually relax!). So far we’ve been to Universal, Sea World, Legoland and of course the “mall”.

I’ll start with Sea World because we weren’t there for too long. I loved Sea World, I went on two rollercoasters one was the highest, fastest and longest rollercoaster in Orlando (and there is a lot of rollercoasters in Orlando!), then we left after watching a dolphin show because there wasn’t much to do there apart from rollercoasters and Aoibhe and Shay were getting bored.

Legoland was Shay’s favourite park! He was in his element. I enjoyed Legoland too, but not as much as Shay. There was a Ninjago section in Legoland and we couldn’t get him out of it! I think he was a bit starstruck when we met some of the Ninjago characters. He was also ecstatic when he met Spiderman in Universal. Universal is my favourite park, and I know you’re dying to hear about the Harry Potter section, and it was amazing! I went on all the rides with Dad and even though we waited for a long time, it was definitely worth it! It felt like we were in the actual movies.

You know me, I couldn’t go to the States without doing some shopping! We went to Florida Mall and it was massive. I bought A LOT of things in Pink. I felt really bad for Dad and Shay because we all know they hate shopping, but then they found a seating area that was showing a football game on the TV and we were all happy. I also went to Sephora, Hollister and Target. I think Mammy will be very sad to not have a Walmart when she comes home because she LOVES it!

I think I have to stop now before my hand falls off! I can’t wait to tell you about everything when I come back after I get past jet lag of course! I hope that you’re not missing me too much. Have an awesome day!

 Your favourite cousin,