A letter home- A Short story

Gaelchóláiste Luimnigh

Dear Mum and Dad,

I know it has been hard since I’ve passed away. I knew that I would lose the long-fought battle against my terminal illness. I hope you have by now, read this letter. I wrote this on the night three months my last operation in the hospital. I had a dream that one day, I would grow up and go to university. On the back of this page, I wrote a letter in the first year. Of course, I didn’t know that my life would end two years in the future. I hope that this will comfort all of you in this time of sadness.   Your son, Eoin   Dear Mum and Dad,   Well this is it. I’m at university. It’s amazing. The sheer fact that I’m here is because of you. I’ve just arrived in my room. The people who brought me up said that my classes start tomorrow. Hopefully, there will be no hassle. They said I should make myself at home and the campus.   It is going to be hard, not being with you. I already feel homesick, but I’ll get through it. I have my first friend at least. His name is Lenny. He only joined last week and is also doing quantum physics and biology as well. He is tall with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. I think we get along fine as if we don‘t that would be a pity( we share a bunk bed).

My girlfriend Kate has also arrived. Her house is on the other side of the campus. She is sharing with the popular girls. She is also right beside a frat house( frat means party if you and the others were wondering), so she will be doing a load of partying. I went over there this morning to find the door unlocked and her on the couch sober. She was half asleep so I left her to her own devices. But before I left, I took a picture of her. I sent it to her phone and she hates it.   I’ve got a load of questions to ask. Are the guys happy that I’m I’ve left? Although I miss you, I’ve finally got some freedom around here. I’m almost bursting through the roof, with how thrilled I am. I will always be thinking about you and I want to tell you that I love you all.   See you in a few months at Christmas.

Yours sincerely,