A Letter Home

Bailieborough Community School

Palm Jumeraih,


United Arab Emirates.

Dear Mam, It’s been forever since I’ve got to write to you, but don’t worry it’s just because I have been enjoying myself far too much. I am writing to you from the sandy ocean bay that lies beneath my room. I honestly never thought I’d enjoy Dubai as much as I have, I think it’s just the incredible atmosphere everywhere you go and believe me I am so looking forward to getting back to you all, but it’s definitely going to be emotional leaving. When I first arrived I didn’t get off to the best of starts. When I stepped off that flight, even though the sky was concealed with pitch black blinds and all I could see was that gleaming tropical silver moon staring out at me from the night sky, the sultry heat immediately hit me. At that moment I realised if it was going to be that hot during the night, I wasn’t going to survive the excessively sweltering heat during the day, but I have managed so far, don’t be too worried. On the way to the apartment, I experienced that eccentric atmosphere for the first time; truthfully my reaction to looking up at that awe-inspiring skyline was something I didn’t ever expect. I genuinely was astonished, those building of steel and glass that stand so grey and stiff during the day regain a sense of consciousness at night, each new building with luminous arrays of colour that contrasted incredibly with the immense deep night sky. You know me better than anybody, even I thought I would spend most of my time in those luxurious shopping departments that lined the streets, filled with designer garments and purses but it was the exact opposite. I couldn’t keep myself away from the water, this crystal, tranquil water that was transparent to the eye, would calm the most stressed of people, compared to that hectic city life that lay amidst the streets. I am in complete serenity, heaven almost. Every night I get to experience that authentic Dubai culture, walking through the markets the aroma of spices fills the air, the sensation created as you inhale the different flavours from the citrus, tanginess of sumac to the woody essence of za’atar. I have never discovered anything like it when the fragrances of the spices tingle in the back of your throat. Surrounded by hundreds of people scurrying to and from just going about their daily business as I assimilate their simplistic lives. I am so sorry but that’s all I have, for now, otherwise I would talk all day about this breathtaking city while I should be out admiring the sights and filling my senses with new and exotic culture.

I can’t wait to see you all so soon, I hope your all doing as great as I am, and I will tell you everything when I get back.

Lots of love,

Aideen xx