A letter home

Creagh college gorey

Palm view




4th April 2019

Hello, Dad

Hope, this letter finds you well. Me mam and Ella are wrecked after the flight only starting to feel normal now. I arrived in Las Vegas on March 21st. My apartment is amazing sitting room/kitchen three bedroom and a bathroom, very local to shops pubs and clubs. We have eaten out in many fancy places. The locals are helpful so we can find stuff.  The weather is lovely and sunny its 27 degrees. We went on a helicopter from North Las Vegas Air Terminal. You approach the world famous Las Vegas strip before flying past the Stratosphere towers, Bellagio Fountain display the luxor space beam and the beautiful lights of Las Vegas. It cost $149.  I have been dragged around the mall against my will but have gotten some great things. I got a pair of Jordans and new sweats. The malls are massive. Starbuck is my new favorite coffee place. Dounghts are amazing here, you would love them. We went to the Grand Canyon we toke a walk aronud it it was so fun .

We stopped by the visitor centrers. We took the shuttle bus around the Rim beautiful sites.  We went on a  rafting trip in the Grand Canyon National park. We were gonna do camping but Ela didnt want to.  We went to the circus. So different to the ones we have in Ireland. We are going to visit the Neon Museum. Its meant to be one of the best. I want to ride on a Gondola and see the Las Vegas sign. Also plannin a day trip to red rock canyon. Gonna check out the shark reef aquarium. Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Adventuredome theme park. It has loads of things to do, roller skating rink, banks heist laser challenge, Xtreme zone, pirates bounty, arcade, highway66 (bowling), canyon blaster, El Loco, canyon cars, sand pirates. And so much more cant wait to go its gonna be epic will take loads of pictures of the rides so you can see what your missing. We are having so much fun we visit more places it just os hard to remember all the places we have been I think we have been to one more museum. Sorry, I could not send a text to you but my phone got stolen. So this is why I am sending you a letter instead of a text. I can not say how much i miss youa and the dogs and the cat can you send a picture to mam of the dogs and cats and your self of corce. I hope to see you soon. Will you come and vist us soon me and ela miss you so much. If you do come i hope you stay for awile like a week are longer.

If you cant I will ask mam can I go to you instead of just sitting there and waiting for another thing to do.