A Letter Home

St. Mary's Holy Faith Killester Dublin 5

 A Letter Home

Day 1 

Dear, Mam  I am at my last destination finally! The Blue Water Resort in the Bahamas… It’s beautiful, I’ve never seen anything as blue as the water here and the sand is so golden.  The flight was awful, it had very bad turbulence. It was only a 2-hour flight from New York to Nassau. I’m just glad to be here now and that flight was well worth it, I have left where I have always wanted to go till last! I just can’t wait to explore Nassau.  I have googled places to visit while I’m here and I would love to try to get everything done in the time that I’m here for. I am absolutely dying to go snorkelling and diving as Nassau is very popular for it.

Day 2 

Today is the day I go snorkelling, I can’t wait honestly! I’ll write again when I get back and let you know how I got on; I think it will be great but who knows.  I’m just back and that was the best experience of my life!! I saw eels, clownfish, nurse sharks, porcupine fish and so much more.  I was missing home when I was back in New York but now in the Bahamas, I have lost all that thought as there is so much to do here. When I get home, I may even think about saving up and try living over here for a little while but if you don’t want me to go of course I won’t go even though I know if I want to go you’ll push and push me to go and live my dreams. I just need to go and do some more exploring and see if I really will enjoy living here for the rest of my life, well at least most of it.

Day 3 

I now have 4 days left at this paradise and today I’m just going to stay by the pool at the hotel because I am so tired from yesterday’s adventures.

Day 4 

Yesterday was a boring day just sitting at the pool but today I went shopping and got loads of new clothes and I got you something special and I can’t wait for you to open it when I get home, I think you’ll love it.

Day 5 

Today I’m getting a tour around Nassau.  There are so many beautiful things to see here, I was so surprised driving around gazing at all of this.

Day 6 

Today is another day by the pool as I feel so sick today, I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I think I could be homesick, I miss you so much, Mam. 1 more day!!  I am posting this now and hopefully, it gets home before I do.

Lots of love,

Lucy xxx