A Letter Home

Ard Scoil na nDéise

                                                                                                                                      New Orleans,




Dear Ma and Da,

Well lads, how is everything? Ponies are all well I hope. Only here a couple of days here and I’m loving it, Louisiana is the place to be lads, it’s splitting the rocks here, 32 degrees!!! I’m just back from the beach and I’m radioactive hahaha.   Myself and Maeve are going to stay in tonight all the travelling has us knackered. We have loads planned for the next couple days between cliff diving, wing walking, crocodile bungee jumping and scuba diving. We can’t wait! The beaches here are beautiful, transparent clear blue water and white crystal like sand, oh and the lifeguard is so good looking, think I’ll pretend to drown later. The food here seems to be ok apart from the restaurant me and Maeve went to last night, YIKES! We didn’t even know what meat we were eating. Poor Maeve was running to the toilet all night.   You wouldn’t believe what happened to us yesterday when we went shark cage diving! Just so you know this was not on our list of things to do, only we met two fine lads at the bar last night that invited us to go with them. Apparently, they had a friend that did it for a cheaper price. The next day we waited for them on the beach, they didn’t show for awhile we thought we had been stood up. Thankfully they made an appearance and rowed us out from shore to the yacht on a tiny dilapidated boat. We stood on the yacht and watched as they got the cage ready for us. Finally, it was ready and we got geared up. We jumped into the cage while the boys threw buckets of blood and meat into the ocean to attract the sharks. We saw loads of sharks they were huge, 35 feet long! We could hear this screeching noise, Maeve looked up and noticed the line was breaking slowly, we screamed for help and they tried to pull us back up but the line gave way and the monitor said we had gone forty-seven metres down. Our tanks were almost empty due to all the panicking. Then came to the conclusion that the only way to survive was to swim up. Thank god we made it. They threw a life boy out and pulled us in. The lads were pulling us into the yacht when a shark caught Maeve by the leg and tore her back into the water, she eventually came up…but with only one leg. We were both rushed to A&E and now I’m currently waiting for Maeve to get out of surgery.

Hope all is well, see you soon. Don’t bother writing back we are both coming home as soon as Maeve is well enough to be privately flown home.

Love, Muireann x