A Letter Home

St. Mary's Holy Faith Killester

“A Letter Home”

24, Newcourt,


Co. Dublin


Hi mam! I’m currently writing to you from Edinburgh! It’s so awesome here, better than Dublin City to be honest. Most of the buildings here in Edinburgh City are so old and pretty. I’m super sad to go today, but at least it’s almost Christmas. There was so much to do for two days, let me tell you all about it.  We arrived in Edinburgh Airport at 11:00am. There was a tram outside the airport which we had to get on in order to go to Edinburgh City. When we finally arrived at our destination, it was so beautiful. We stayed at a lovely hotel, or should I say apartment, because it was so big. Lucy kept saying how “fancy” it was. For about an hour we stayed in the apartment. We never wanted to leave the place at this point. At around 2:00pm we went out for some lunch. There was a cute little café where we sat and ate. We stayed there for about thirty minutes until we went back out again. We went to a place called Mercat Tours, and booked a tour to the underground vaults underneath Edinburgh City. As we walked around the city we noticed a German Christmas market. It looked so magical and festive. It was 5:45pm, so we felt very tired at this point and didn’t want to fully experience the market until the next night. So before we walked back to the apartment, we went to a small Tesco near to where we were staying, and bought a pizza and some fizzy drinks to watch movies. We went back to the apartment at 7:30, and put on our pizza. so we ate our food, drank our drinks, and called it a night.  The next day, we woke up a bit later than we thought. It was 12:00pm. Our tour with Mercat was at 1:30pm, so we started making our way down to there. Our tour guide was a girl named Cathy, and she showed us the way down to the underground vaults. The vaults were very eerie and dark. We were right underneath a busy road, but heard absolutely nothing from above. We learnt all about the history of these vaults, that they were once rooms which merchants rented to store their wines and such. But it became too damp, and it was soon turned into a criminal underground for thieves, body snatchers, and smugglers. There was also a tavern in these underground vaults. We finished our tour at 3:30pm, and began walking to the Christmas market. We bought socks which were made with llama fur, small ornaments for the Christmas tree, and sweets for that night to watch more movies. It was already getting dark, which looked beautiful since there were so many lights at the market. We went on a few carnival rides. We were way too tired when we got back, so we just went to bed. And then today we will be going home on Christmas eve.

Your favourite person ever,