A Letter Home

St Marys Holy Faith Kilester

A Letter Home

Los Angeles


Dear Mam,

I miss you a lot, but the flight here was good, it made me forget all about my worries it took me 11hrs to get here and as normal Skylar fell asleep the whole ride as she always does but while she was asleep I was watching Netflix as usually even though I wanted to watch YouTube  I didn’t have internet obviously I’m in the air duh and I still can’t get over that I’m going to Los Angeles!!! Can you believe this who knows, I might meet a youtuber or a celebrity I hope I do haha.

Wow, it’s so nice here the sun is always out and shinning it’s warm and peaceful. When Skylar and I first landed, we immediately got an uber and went straight to the penthouse. We booked for our stay, it’s so beautiful more than I ever imagined… it had an infinity pool, a cinema room, a fine dining room, a gorgeous living room and so much more but I’m not going to brag too much.  The second day Skylar and I decided to go on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills. Not going to lie. We bought wayyyyy too much. It’s hard to believe how much money we spent (ps. I’m very sorry for how much money we wasted)

Anyways we decided since we have been shopping for 5hrs. We agreed it was time to relax because ever since we landed we have just been so excited we haven’t been able to relax a lot so we dropped off our stuff and went down to the beach and wow it was so beautiful so clean and quite. Every day I wake up with a nice breeze of fresh air in my face and for the rest of the week Skylar and I are going to try to find some celebrities and if we do don’t worry I’ll send pics but I’m not going to brag and talk about how amazing it is here. I’m not going to lie. I miss you a lot. I hope you are doing well and that everything is good at home I can’t wait to see you, dad and nanny, I will make sure to bring all of yous a present and I can’t wait to see uses and give yous all a hug.

Miss you all x

Love, Zoe xoxo