a letter home

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A letter home.



2 years ago, we went on a holiday to Madrid, we got to the airport and went through security. We got on the airplane and the flight was only about 2 hours but it felt 6 hours. Anyway, when we got off the airplane there where a lot of people around and it was very crowded it took a long time to get our language from the plane because they thought they lost my brothers suitcase, they found it after about an hour when we got out we had to get a taxi to our hotel when we were on our way to the hotel there was a lot of traffic but we eventually got there.

We got into our room. Our room was facing the beach and it was really beautiful. After we decided to get something to eat, we walked to where all the shops and restaurants the food smelled really good and different, as we were walking around the were a lot of colourful plants around all the shop.  When we went to a restaurant to get dinner the restaurant was really dark and it seemed really old because there where old statues in the corners which kind of freaked me out all the furniture seemed to be made from old wood but it was really unique there were a lot of things that I never even heard of there like squid sandwiches and pigs’ ear. They had huevos estrellados which is basically eggs, so it’s really different compared to Ireland. I just got chips and chicken the food I think is a lot tastier over there.it was really nice.  The weather was really nice and different compared to at home too it was like 30 degrees and I’m not a big fan of the heat so I didn’t really enjoy that part of the holiday. But the beaches are a lot better because the water is really clear blue and the sand is a lot cleaner too when a few of my cousins were playing around in the ocean one of my little cousins got stung by a jellyfish he was ok but it looked really painful. Then we went to the waterpark that was close by the hotel the waterslide was huge and it was packed I’m not a big fan of waterparks because I can’t swim and that’s kind of the point of a waterpark but it was really fun too.

After that, we went shopping again everything was really cheap but really good, I got a few clothes and things like that the people were really nice and helpful.

We were in Madrid for a week but was a lot of fun when we had to back obviously, I didn’t want to leave, who would, but we had to buy another suitcase to fit everything we got in Madrid to bring home.

The plane back didn’t seem as long though I was a good holiday

From Sarah.