a letter home

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    A letter home:

Sol Katmandu






Dear Home,  As you know I’m on my travels, I’m currently on a beach in Magaluf, Palma soaking up the sun and topping up the suntan, the smell of the seawater is very strong.

What’s the weather like back in Ireland? Here the Sun’s splitting the skies but there’s a light breeze rustling the Palm and guess what? there’s not a cloud in the sky. I feel the sun sizzling my skin even though I can smell the factor 50 on me ahaha.  The resort I am staying in is amazing, it’s called Sol Katmandu, there’s three pools, a waterpark, a theme park and a mini-golf course which has lovely scenery around it. The water was bitter in the pool but it was refreshing in the pool, but it was refreshing due to the warm weather.  The theme park is amazing, there’s a ride called the House ,it is an upside-down house, that is full of lots of different interactive games including a vertigo room where the room is anti-gravity and you can’t walk because you end up falling all over the place . At the mini-golf course my ball fell into one of the lakes, I went into try and get it, I tripped on a rough-bumpy rock and nearly fell into the water, it was SO funny.  The staff there are so kind and nice. They were always happy to help if there was a problem, like one of the days I lost my jacket and they tried their best to find it but unfortunately it was a lost cause.

As it was all-inclusive, I had access to everything like the waterpark, pool bar, theme park, mini-golf, the pools and the restaurant. The food in the restaurant was splendid, last night for dinner I had a juicy well-done steak that a little bit of pepper on top of it, with crispy chips and Caesar salad. They have a lot of variety when comes it food, they had Spanish foods such as paella and churros, then they full fry’s and fish and chips, so they catered for everyone.  Today I went to the mini-golf it was an 18-hole course. The queue to get there was very humid and overcrowded, but when we reached the top it was worth it. We were surrounded by luscious green, tall palm trees, hundreds of different types of flowers. There was a brilliantly blue man-made lake that ran through the course. At the start of the lake there was a lovely porcelain statue of a chubby buddha sitting on a big vibrant pink flower, holding a globe in his hand. The whole place was very picturesque with serene waterfalls, lots of greenery and they had this funky zebra safari jeep that you could take pictures in front of.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to going jet skiing and go on a boat with a slide.

Better get going.

Miss and love yous loads,

Abbie x