A Letter Home

St. Marys Holy Faith Killester

 132 Belgrove Park



Dear Amy

Hi Amy! How are you? I have some great news. I decided that I wanted to go to a campsite for a week. This campsite is in a village called Eleftheroxori.

My best friend and I decided that we can go together. When we arrived, the place was so beautiful. There were mountains around the campsite with beautiful small houses most of them seemed so old but still beautiful. You could smell the oxygen was so clear. It wasn’t like when you are in the city with all this exhaust gas from the cars that you can’t breathe. Our house was number 8. We live with another 6 girls and our teacher. There is a small church that we go every day and we pray. When the church is over, we go for breakfast and then we go to our room and clean it.

Every group has a name they call us Kind. When the head leader comes to our room, it has to be clean and we have to compose a song and sing it to her. We can wear trousers there we have to wear only skirts or dresses. I am pretty sure you think this is boring but is amazing.

Next day we went on a trip to the forest. I made two new friends. Julia and Damiana. In the afternoon we play so many fun games for example hide and seek or hidden treasure. In the night sometimes we go to the amphitheatre we eat, sing and when we finish, we pray, and we go to sleep.

The last day is very emotional for me, I had to say goodbye to my friends Julia and Damiana. I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t want to say goodbye. I am sad that I never saw Damiana again, but last year I was in the same school with Julia. Camping for me is an amazing place, you can meet new people and make new friends and learn so amazing things I think it makes a better person I know I became a better person so I think you should go.

With love,

your cousin Maria