“A Letter Home”

St Mary's Holy Faith Killester

From: 45 Rosewood Ave,

LA, California,


Dear Mam and Dad,

I hope the postman finds your grave, but it’s my favourite time of the year again, March 21st. I wonder if you’re as excited as me! I got my trusty chainsaw and as tradition, my mask.  I picked up my things from the coffee table placing the mask on my face and checking myself out in the mirror ahead of me. I glanced at the clock behind me ‘7:30’ I was so agitated yet so excited that I had to keep checking the date ‘March 21st’. I also had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t dreaming. I looked outside my apartment window. The dark atmosphere was dead. No one was on the streets except for an old man begging for shelter. His screams kept taunting me. “Please, anyone! They’re coming for me with shotguns! I’m injured, anyone, please!”. Then he collapsed, his corpse is still laying outside. As I’m about to grab my keys to head outside, I glance at the kitchen island and see a notebook and pen. I tell myself that I’ll do it later. I turn the knob of the door and hopped outside with a strong gust of wind slapping me in the face. Immediately I knew it was going to be a good night.   After I left my apartment, I saw a group of men having a knife fight. Knives! How hilarious! They wouldn’t stop talking and their voices just wouldn’t stop, so I charged in and started up my chainsaw, with half of the group of men startled and sprinting away from my presence. Then I sawed one of them in half-, my first kill of the night was fun. Anyway, next I had a look at my purge list and visited their addresses but guess what? Most of them were already dead, someone else has the same taste in people that I do. It was then 1:00 am (I was full of adrenaline, so I still had tons of energy) I snuck into an estate nearby me, to visit an old friend. His apartment was clean and expensive. Not gonna lie, I wish I lived there. I visited the one and only, Walter Grey.   I searched his entire house, walls pearly and white, my shoes sank in his carpet and it smelled like weak chlorine. After a few hours of exploring his mansion, I heard a muffled cry coming from a closet. I sprinted to the grand bedroom, pulling open the wooden doors with a creak. To my surprise, I saw Walter’s fragile body with his arms tightly wrapped around his wife, both trembling in fear. It was quite sad, but it had to be done, the man wasted my time and betrayed me a long time ago. Then I decided to come back home and write to you guys. It’s weird you couldn’t be here but it’s your fault for annoying me 16 years ago, 16 purge nights ago.