A letter home

St.Marys Holy Faith killester Dublin 5

 A Letter Home

141 Zadar resort

Zadar, Croatia


Dear Mam

Hi! I’m currently writing to you from the beaches of Croatia. The weather over here is amazing. The plane ride over here was grand apart from a bit of turbulence. My flight took 2 hours and 53 minutes so I arrived at 9 am When I arrived I got a taxi to the resort. The resort was beautiful it had a little village in the resort. It had 3 shops, 2 bakeries, a lot of ice- cream Parlour and restaurants and cafes and also had white sandy beaches around

Day 1: Up bright and early to get my fresh pastries in the local bakery. Then we went to the sandy beach for 2 hours. Then I got way too warm so I decided to go on an adventure to the local town Zadar. It was a cute fishing village with a gigantic cathedral. Then I got fish for lunch then I headed back to the resort

Day 2: Up at 11 am. I just spent the day beside the clear crystal pool. At 5 pm I went to the airport to collect my friends who flew over. After we went to the apartment and got ready to go out. We had a delicious meal and then went for a stroll on the beach. While we were on the walk we saw something in the distance so we went up to see what it was. When we got there we were surprised an enormous whale was stuck in the sand. We immediately called the local animal rescue team and they rushed to the scene. We left because we wanted to give them space to manoeuvre.

Day 3:  A raging thunder and lightning storm had occurred overnight. There was torrential rain and gust of wind it was quite scary. All the chairs and table’s from all the patio’s were all over the place. Branches of trees were scattered all over the place. We had a lazy day because of the weather. When the storm kinda calmed down we walked down to the bakery and got loads of deserts. We then walked to the supermarket to stock up on food and drink, we nearly got blown away on the way back.

A week has passed. Only three days left until we have to go home to Ireland. We just spent the last week at the resort relaxing going to the pool and beach. I really don’t want to go home because it’s beautiful over here and the weather is amazing, well apart from four days we had of that cruel storm. We are going up to the reception today to find directions to the airport on Wednesday because our flight is really early in the morning we have to be in the airport by 4 am and our flight is at 6 am. We are going to the nearest town for our last night out. We had a meal at a really fancy restaurant it was delicious.

I’ll be home soon

Lots of love, Aoife