A Letter Home

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A Letter Home




Dear Mam & Dad

I’m having a tremendous time in Disneyland with Alannah it is very loud with children laughing, playing and some screaming. The plane was very peaceful mainly because I had my earphones in, the flight was about 12 hours long, I was watching lots of Disney movies since I was going to Disney, it’s going to be a great two weeks. The view from the plane was amazing when we were landing.   In Disneyland there are so many characters to take pictures with, I got pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Daisy, I haven’t seen Pluto or Donald yet, but I still have one and a half weeks left.   Every morning when I wake up it smells like sugar and it smells nice, I can’t wait to see the castle because I’m a child Bahahaha. Even though I’m fourteen I absolutely love being in Disneyland because I feel like a five or six-year-old and it feels good not having to worry about school or exams.

Yesterday we went to Universals Studios and I went to the waffle cart that Donkey is in and it was great. I have a week left and I went to the castle and it is not very exciting all it is a shop and the Bibbidi-Boddidi Boutique but I was to old to get anything and yes Alannah asked and it was the funniest thing ever, the workers just gave her a weird look as it she has three heads   I haven’t told you about are rooms yet, all the rooms are based off a Disney movie. My room was The Little Mermaid and housekeeping made Sebastian, Flounder, starfishes and the other fishes out of towels, I honestly want to know how they do it, and who ever made them has a talent. I’m going to try learn how to do it for our bathroom, I still haven’t got on any roller-coasters because I don’t like them, I promised Alannah I would get on one before we go home.   If I’m being honest I really don’t want to go on one but I can’t break a promise. One big mistake I did was I’m letting Alanna choose the ride and I’m regretting that because she will choose the biggest ride in the park. The biggest ride here is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It looks really scary, I’m scared of everything so, oh and it’s really high and I don’t do highest.   Two days left even thought I’m having an amazing time, I do just want to be at home in my own bed. So for the last two days we’re going to a water park and sit by the pool.

See you at home,

Lots of Love Cadence

P.S., I don’t think I can learn how to make the animals out of the towels but you never know, and I also got you and dad a present.