A Letter Home

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A letter home

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Dear family,

After a 14hr 30 minute flight, I’m finally in Nagoya. The trains to the hotel from the airport were very long. The hotel is cheap but very good. Most things here are difficult to understand. Their staff in the hotel are very friendly. The language is easy enough to speak the basics.

I have a week and a half in Nagoya to see the temples I wanted to see and try the different foods like miso soup, tofu and sushi I’m getting the Shinkansen bullet train to Tokyo so I can visit Skytree and so I can meet up with my front for Disneyland. The weather here is really hot and humid so the places around are really hot as well. The shops so have air con but it’s not the best their restaurants are strange because the foods are mostly fish they have some chicken like karaage as well in the train station in Tokyo I tried sushi it wasn’t what I expected the rice is sticky with lots of different flavours like soy sauce fish and seaweed. It was difficult to buy as their currency is so confusing.    On Wednesday I have a wedding to go to with my friends. I’m really excited because their weddings are so unique with bright coloured kimonos and ending early in the day. Most of their family are in town so there will be a huge trip to Disney with their kids.

Tokyo is amazing so completely different to Paris or Orlando the heat works for walking around the park but for queuing it’s the absolute worst. There are a lot more people here then Dublin so it’s more difficult to get around. The people here are really kind but they don’t understand most of my English. Japan is beautiful but I miss Dublin I have about three weeks left I still have to skytree and I’m not entirely sure how but I’ve been convinced to climb a volcano. The volcano Mt.Fuji is the highest one in Asia on Monday morning we’re aiming to go watch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean it will be a hard trip but a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As you know I hate heights and Skytree is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo there are only three floors but it takes 5 minutes to get to the first floor from the ground in the lift. The floor is glass on the top floor so you can see the city through it. I’ll make sure to have loads of pictures for the family when I’m home. This is a letter from my whole trip in Japan and hopefully, the boxes with souvenirs will reach you soon. I do have some small gifts in my luggage but the fan I bought in Tokyo was too big and the kimono was heavy to bring I posted them a week ago they should be there in a few days.

I’ll be home soon

Lots of love from