A Letter Home

St. Marys Holy Faith Killester


Disneyland Paris



 Dear Mam Dad and Siblings,

Guess what, I am in Disneyland. I can’t wait to tell you about it. When I arrived, there were Chinese, French and Spanish all nationalities. There were Chinese and Asian restaurants with lots of foods and different smells like in some restaurants there is a lovely pizza smell and the smell of chicken curry in the Chinese shops. The entrance to the two parks where beside each other both parks had a different theme and name. The first park which was the main park was called Disneyland Park: This contained the big pink castle which was right in the Centre and it was glittery, and you can see the top of it from far away. There was also Disney characters all over the place like Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Cinderella, Snow White and all the other princes and princesses. The other park was called Walt Disney Studios, it was named this because Walt Disney was the creator of Disney. This park had more teenage rides but still had a few kiddie’s rides. This also had more Disney characters like Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the Incredibles. I love both parks. They both took my breath away.  The hotel is so exciting, it is a pirate themed hotel.  I have a double bed. There are pirates all over the walls and pirate colours like, red, black and white. There is also a huge water park which is amazing.   No matter where you are in Disneyland you can never not be smiling. It makes you want to smile because all the different people are smiling and there is always upbeat music. Sweets succulent smell of candy floss, which was pink and fluffy. All the different types of popcorn were mind blown they had, blue, pink and Carmel popcorn. Since our family loves rollercoasters and theme parks, we all must come here some year because it’s great for families.  The Disney characters appear at the restaurants and mingle with the children. They also take memorable photos taken. Oliva, Megan and I all enjoyed enormous, cheesy, spicy pizzas. I was truly amazed at the size of the pizza. After we ate our enormous pizza, we finally ordered possibly the biggest ice-cream ever. When it came over to our table, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The sundae was so many different colours it was, pink, blue, purple, brown, gold, all the colours you could imagine. The taste tasted like heaven, it was creamy, sweet and crunchy because of the decorations on the top. The size of it was the most enormous thing ever, I definitely didn’t finish it.  So now I am sadly in the pirate hotel lobby leaving this wonderful memorable place. I will never forget Disneyland and the time I had. See you in three weeks. Enjoy Dublin!!

Love from,


P.S. I won’t forget all your presents when I come home promise!!