A Letter Home

St Marys Holy Faith Killester

Sofitel Marara Beach Resort

Bora Bora

2nd May 2019


Dear Mam,

How is everything going on at home? Is everyone well? I miss you, dad and Millie very much. I wish you were here with me living this dream! I have never been anywhere as amazing as this. These past few days have let me explore, relax and enjoy everything. Also the weather is perfect except for one storm but nothing compared to back home in Dublin. I’ll tell you about my journey so far. The flight was okay as flights usually are, it was 8 and a half hours long but I slept for most so it wasn’t too bad. Though plane food isn’t great. I got a taxi to the beach where the boats were. I had to get a boat to where I was staying. I made a friend named Emma from London who was staying in a bungalow near me. We both got the boat to our bungalows together. I was so excited hearing the waves crash against the boat, as we arrived. I have dreamed about these gorgeous bungalows over the water since I was very young. As we got off the boat onto the wood I saw the sting rays floating around the clear blue water. Someone in a golf cart took me and Emma to our bungalows. I felt a rush of happiness as opened the door and saw a big open space with glass windows everywhere, a huge fluffy bed filled with pillows. I stepped outside to see I had my own pool, an outside shower and an amazing view of the clear sea. I could see palm trees in the distance and fishes near me. This was heaven! I threw my bikini on and went to the beach nearby with Emma. We saw people in the distance swimming with pigs. We went over to swim with them it was so cute… they smelled a bit but it didn’t bother. The water was so clear and clear and the sand felt soft through my toes. The water was warm but refreshing as it hit my face. I lay out on the sand for my tan that I need. I arrived home on a golf cart and came to my bungalow. As I went in I noticed the owners had left me a flower necklace and other presents for my holidays! How cute! I got ready to go to the resorts restaurant. They served a range of seafood and exotic fruits and vegetables. As I got a divine smell I decided to order poisson cru which is a very popular dish that consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice that is often served in a salad. It was delicious! We went to a dance after there were people doing tricks with fire and all sorts of dancing! Me and Emma joined in too! Well that was my first day here imagine what the rest are like!

Miss you loads,

love from Daisy