A Letter Home

St Marys Holy Faith Killester

Hotel Belvedere


12 May 2019

Dear Mam and dad and of course max and baby Ollie,

WOW! it feels like we haven’t talked in ages, even though it’s only been a week. The plane ride was okay I guess but there was a bit of turbulence at the end during landing, but I didn’t mind it. I got through security fine but got scanned because of my earrings. I took a tram and it was brilliant. I was reluctant at first to get on because the time’s places and stopping points were in Italian it was hard to understand but eventually, I got it. The tram was frumpish and rusty, I liked its cosy feel. It was a 10-minute walk from the last tram stopping point to my hotel, so I deiced to stop into some shops along the way. I bought some warmer clothes as I thought the weather would be piping hot but it’s 15 degrees (still better than Ireland).

I bought a gorgeous red crochet jumper and a grey jacket to match. Later, I went to the local grocer. I bought a fresh punnet of strawberries. I loved my walk towards my hotel, the scenery was beautiful. As I strolled along the grand canal it was 6 pm, getting darker, the grand canal lit up, gondolas on the river, while walking past I saw a marriage proposal, how romantic!  I arrived at Hotel Belvedere at 6:25, its breath taking. The view from my room looks across the blue sea I could view the orange sunset at night. The bed was so comfy that it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud.  Day two: I hopped on the tour bus. This would be the fastest way to intake information about the country. Firstly, the Verona Arena, 40 minutes on the bus but It was worth it. This was where the very first Romeo and Juliet play was staged. It still stages plays to this day over 2,000 years later. Our next destination is the Trevvi Fountain in Rome. It was full of people eager to see the beautiful statues, but I managed to grab a picture of it. Isn’t it amazing?  Our next and last destination is Le Pelosa. It is one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen. We were allowed to stay here for a while, so I jumped into the clear sea admiring the exotic fish and amazing coral beneath my feet. I arrived back at the hotel at 4:30. I’m not 18 yet so I can’t go to any nightclubs, so I decide to do a night Segway tour of Italy. It was so adventurous. We rode all around the local town, sightseeing, some beautiful building, here are some breath-taking pictures for you to enjoy.

See the building right in front? that building has been there decades, it’s beautiful we had a mini photoshoot there for a while it was very funny.

I must go post these pictures on my insta feed.

Sending love from Italy.

Alanna xx