A Letter Home

Coola Post Primary School

Apartment 623



5th May 2019

To all back home,

Greetings from Andalo! The aroma of delicious food and hot coffee drift towards me as I re-energize from the day alongside my friend Brandon. With the quiet chatter of some tired skiiers around us we take in the picturesque view before us. From halfway up the slopes we can see the bustling village of Andola and the snow covered mountains in the distance. With our warm, protective ski jackets open, letting in some much needed cool air, we converse about the week gone by. It began roughly six days before when we landed in the quiet airport of Bergamo. From the airport we got a taxi to our modest, but comfortable dwelling as the sun was going down. When all the bags were safely thrown in our rooms we went to get our ski gear. Once geared for the coming days we walked the short walk up the hill to where we were nested. On the way we took note of the small restaurant on the corner where we intended to eat and the supermarket that we could get our supplies throughout the week. Early the next morning we were listening to the beep from our ski passes as we got ready for the short trip on the chair lift up to the white slope. To refresh our previous knowledge of skiing we went down this slope twice and then onto the next. After white came blue. From this we took a bubble lift and enjoyed the views of people flying past beneath us as we were carried up the mountain. The blue added more of a challenge with more turns but it was the red and black we were looking forward to. Tomorrow we would tackle these. Arriving at the top of the red slope it was noticeable we had left behind the nervous skiiers and were now surrounded by more confident people. With our knees bend and arms at right angles to our body holding our sticks we began our decent.  Our parallel skies floating over the frozen ice we wove and weaved downwards. A brilliant start to the day. For the rest of the day we had continued on the red slopes and became increasingly confident in our abilities. Our third day skiing led us to some off-piste. We were invited to do this on our way up when we got talking to a friendly ski instructor. To begin his course we started at a steep hill. “Lean forward” and “keep knees bend” were his final words of advice as we took off. Feeling the rush of adrenalin we crept over the edge, then rapidly plummeted down the slope. With a smile spread across my face I tried to regain control as in front of me lay a number of dips and bumps. Just managing to survive the first few bumps, I remember seeing an unlucky student left in an isolated bush with only one ski on and a broken stick. Yesterday was spent on the black slopes where we hit some impressive speeds as we took advantage of the empty slopes in the evening. That lead us to today, where we were recalling our best times from the trip. We both have made some amazing memories that we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Love, Jason