A Letter Home

Ard Scoil na nDeise Dungarvan

Dunn school



7 May 2018

Hey Bonnie, How is everything back home? I will be home soon as school is going to break for summer break soon. I would love to hear about anything you need to say all though it will have to been the last letter I get from you as I will be coming home and probably not receive them. I try to only write about good things but I have to write to tell you about an incident that occur if my dorm this past week. I hope it’s nothing serious but my roommate Kelsie has been missing for a few days. See I’m not quite sure when she went missing because I went on a trip with my school to L A and went I got back to my dorm room late one night the door was locked and I didn’t have my keys so I stayed in my friends room because her roommate left for summer break early. Then early the next morning around 7:30 am and the door was unlocked and Kelsie was nowhere to be seen. I thought she just went for coffee or a morning but when she didn’t show up to any of her classes that day I started to get worried. After classes that day I went to her track team to see if she was there but I was told she hasn’t been there for the last two practices so I started to think when was her second last practice and it was the day after I left for the LA trip. I went back to our dorm. I called her boyfriend Jake but he told me she had broken up with him the day after I left for LA. I was discombobulated about why she would do this as she was totally in love with him. Sorry I had to go to class and I forgot to finish it so it’s a new day and Kelsie still wasn’t in any of her classes today so I told the dorm manager and she said she hasn’t seen her since we left for the LA trip and she had just thought she was on the trip with us. We went to the office and called her mother and she said she hasn’t heard from her in a week and at the moment I feel so sorry for her because she is so worried about Kelsie as they were you close. We have reported it to the gardai in the hope somebody has seen or heard from her. If she is found before I leave for the break I will try to get in contact.

I love you so much xoxo


Caroline Forbes