A Letter Home

ard scoil na ndeise

A Letter home

Masai Mara Safari,




Dear Lucy,

How are things back in Ireland? I can’t tell you how much I love this amazing experience in the safari of Kenya. I have an amazing story to tell you about what happened just yesterday. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

I am staying in a tent. I love sleeping and hearing all the noises of nature around me such as the animals walking around or the birds soaring above during the early morning sunrise. I must say though that the sunrises are a piece of beauty with the burgundy reds, the burnt oranges and the golden yellows all fading into each other from dark to light. I can sometimes see the dark figures of elephants or giraffes strolling along the horizon.

While I was listening for the sounds of nature, I heard a kind of whine out of an animal that I did not recognise. It sounded like it was in distress and that it was in danger. I quickly got ready and equipped for whatever needed help and ran swiftly to where the whining was coming from. As soon as I found the animal, I approached it very slowly as to not frighten the animal and make sure it didn’t injure itself more.     As I got closer, I realised that it was a baby elephant that had gone astray from the rest of its herd. I saw that there was a deep cut in the leg of the elephant that must have been caused by a branch of a tree that cut the baby elephant while it was running past. I quickly contacted the rangers and told them about the situation. As I was waiting for rangers to come help, I decided to name the elephant Jessie.     When the rangers came, they treated and dressed her wound and got her back up on her feet again to make sure that all was ok. They told me that she would be ok and that not too much damage was done. If she was left any longer to try to get out, she could have possibly been attacked and killed by predators or poachers.

Jessie eventually got up again and started to walk around. Once she got used to it, she walked towards me and wrapped her trunk around me as if she was giving me a hug and thanking me for saving her. Jessie then held out her trunk for me to grab my hand with and brought me to a watering hole with the rangers trailing behind. It must have been a watering hole that her herd often visited because after about five minutes her herd were all gathered around with us. I could tell that they were very grateful for Jessie to be back home because they all wrapped their trunks around me. I would highly recommend going here as it truly is amazing and everything should be done to help protect these animals and habitats.