A Letter Home

Ard scoil na nDeise

A Letter Home

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Stillington Street





Dear Adam,

Last year I travelled to London by car to stay with my aunt for the summer. We travelled from Waterford to Rosslare to catch the ferry to Fishguard, this was my first time on the ferry and I was extremely nervous at the thought of travelling by sea.  The journey was quite calm and over quickly and we arrived in London the next morning with no real problems on the road trip. London obviously is a lot bigger than Waterford and it took some time to get used to travelling around but the public transport there is far better than we have in Ireland and I soon picked up how to plan my journey from the outskirts of the city into the centre itself. London is full of history and there is much to see and do. We started at Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column, which contains a statue of Admiral Nelson from the Battle of Trafalgar and from there we walked by Horse Guards which had soldiers on horses standing guard outside and we stopped to do the usual tourist thing and take pictures, from there we then passed 10 Downing Street where the British Prime Minister lives.  We then circled back and walked down the Mall passed St James Palace to Buckingham Palace and there we watched the Changing of Guard, something I have seen on the news. It was good to see so much history and places of history I have seen and heard so much about in school and from family. London also has much to do to entertain yourself and we also went to London Dungeons. While we were there my friend Katlyn and I got separated from our group. So we decided to walk around and see if we could find our group again. While we were walking we took a wrong turn and ended up in the basement of the building. In the basement, there was costumes, props, and old projectors. We had absolutely no idea where we were, but we decided to try on the costumes and do our makeup to try and fit in with what the themes of the clothing seemed to be.  Just as we had cleaned up the mess that we had left from the makeup we heard footsteps. We both looked at each other with a look of terror. The door to where we were flung open revealing a tall figure. He asked us if we were ready yet as the new group was arriving soon. There was silence. He then pushed us out the door and up the stairs. From there we followed him to a dark room, he hit the light switch revealing a small table and with two chairs. So we sat down. He turned off the light and we were left there waiting. That day we got through about five groups. After that, we got changed into our own clothes and went home. It was a weird experience.

My experience in London was great and gave me a chance to understand the history of another country and get to experience the cultures from other nationalities living in the city.  What makes London special though is that are many places of interests and all of these are easily got to due to a very good transport system, which stops people being reliant on cars to move around, something Ireland can learn from.