A Letter Home

St. John of Gods NS, Passage Road, Waterford

Dear Mum,

I’ve just arrived at my lovely apartment far away from Australia. It really is lovely. I’ve looked forward to this trip so much and  I’m know the three months will fly. What exciting times lie ahead of me. Don’t worry about me please, I’m loving all of this. The journey was very long, a whole day but it was definitely worth it. Olivia and I are going scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and tomorrow I start working in the rainforest. I’ve dreamed of this my whole life long, as you already know. It is such fun working as a scientist Mum. Day 2 mum! In the rainforest we are trying to find special leaves because the team leader said at the moment, we’re trying to make a medicine to cure a rare form of that dreaded illness, cancer. But, while we were looking I came across a massive tarantula! I really don’t like spiders. My colleague shooed it away though. We had no luck in finding any of the special leaves, but we’re definitely coming back. We don’t give up easily. We’re scientists! Anyway, tomorrow is my 22nd birthday mum!!!! I’m so excited. Olivia and I are going down to a restaurant called Emilianos. I can’t believe it is summer here but it is also Christmas! Day 3 mum! I had the best birthday ever! We went to Emilianos and after, we went to a Night Club and Olivia and I sang a song together at karaoke. I got home really late. (2 am!) Thank god I don’t have classes tomorrow. I love it here already Mum.

Chat soon!!