A Letter Home

St. John of Gods NS, Passage Road, Waterford

Dearest Grandma,

This postcard is coming to you from Brazil, South America!! Yesterday, my travelling companions and I kayaked along the Amazon river. We passed through deep caves filled with various sizes of bats, their soft wings silently fluttering above our heads and we were thrown down fast flowing rapids and waterfalls. It was so exciting. We marvelled at animals of every size, colour and shape – all the hues of the rainbow!! What an experience! Tomorrow, we plan to travel west and hike towards Guayaquil to experience the incredible wildlife and scenery you have always told me about…when you first landed in Brazil yourself many years ago! We have stayed here 8 days now though it feels like months. What an experience! We will have to say goodbye to this wonderful culture in less than a week, but these priceless memories will never leave me, just as they have never left you. I’ve taken lots of pictures and have kept a diary of our escapades so far just as you said. I wish you were here with us Grandma. Everything here reminds me of stories told late at night, around your blazing fire, of laughter and of all your adventures. I know you have always dreamed of returning to this paradise and I have tried to do this for you. Reliving your adventure makes me feel closer to you every day. Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams and achieve my goals. Thank you for being my inspiration and guide throughout my life. You’re such an amazing Grandma!

Lots of Love, your Granddaughter

Aisling xxx