A Letter From The Sunny Stride

Bailieborough Community School

The Crimson View Sunny Stride

Al Ain Abu Dhabi

21st July 2018

Dear Emma,

Dazzled by the iridescent lights of Abu Dhabi at night, I’m thinking of you, remembering the prismatic laser beams of light that shot at the sky at our last encounter. That Tiesto concert. My God, what a time to be alive. Well I hope you’ve made a full recovery after that indescribable night anyway! My heart aches to throw shapes like that with my partner in crime once more. You’d love it here Emma, you really would. Apart from my work in the offices with a view that stretches all the way across the endless horizon, my days are filled with iced drinks and feeling the sun’s warmth on my now-bronzed skin. Bliss. Right now, the night it still young where I am, sat by the water’s edge, watching the reflection of the buildings rippling softly off the calm water of the port. The dappled water gives forth a hue of its own, as if a small city existed deep underneath. My childish mind imagines this as seeing through the earth to the other side, to where you lie, on that ragged sofa, the exact spot where we filtered through countless bottles of wine and babbled gibberish till the early hours of the morning. I miss that truly. Though density populated, I often feel very alone in this vast city of bustling bodies. Trying to find oneself in a city like this is almost as impossible as finding directions here without a map. However, right now, I am notably content. Far in the distance, I can hear the faint whine of an ambulance, the murmur of cars as they rev in unison and the muffled sound of music as it pours out of countless restaurants and pubs. The cool breeze whistles its way through the skyscrapers and tickles the clammy skin on the back on my neck, still recovering from being subjected to the intense heat. It took a while for me to adjust to the heat here, which of course would be of no surprise to you, taking into consideration all the foreign holidays we’ve embarked on. Except now I have no one to rub sun cream on my back! I hope you’re living your best life back home. I miss yous all terribly. Have you met yourself a man yet?? Well now, in saying that, he would need to be fully assessed by your bestie. We don’t want any broken hearts. Or we might be forced to retreat back to the famous tattered couch to deal with matters once more. I love you and I miss you every day. Head up, I’ll be home to see you very soon.

You better have the wine ready.

Lots of love,

Your gal Jen xx