A Letter from the Other Side

Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh

Dear Mom and Dad,

How’s the house been without me? Fairly boring I’m going to guess. How have Sunny and CeCe been keeping? Ríona wrote to me saying they always go to the back door around the time I should be coming back from school. The silly things don’t realise I’m away with two cats and my Aunt. They’ll be sniffing me wondering who on earth I am when I get back next week. Before you ask, yes Buffy has been using me as a pillow and Zander is in love the attention he gets but I don’t receive the same treatment he gave Dad a few years back. Conor has been bringing me everywhere he can in San Francisco when he’s over with Nicola. I was brought out to his Dad’s a few times and even visited a shop that sold “Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream”. It’s just regular ice-cream but doesn’t melt as easily. Though the lemon was good, Dad would approve. I even collected Conor a few times from school, half his friends flocked around wanting to hear an Irish accent, it was a good laugh but I swear they’re all tiny. Nicola has given me the best stay I could possibly get, I even taught her how to make our secret burgers. One morning when I went to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast I stumbled in on Buffy helping herself to a stash of blueberry muffins in the cabinet. I let her keep one and closed off the rest of them. I also met the possum in the back and you’d swear he’s just a very small version of our Sunny. I always get a feeling there are even more hills here than last time. I’m sure CeCe and Buffy would get along great if they were the same animal the only thing they both do is a snooze. Conor and I visited a water park with his friend Jack and his family. Thankfully I didn’t get burnt like in Volcano Bay but doesn’t change the fact I was roasting as per usual. One ride there was a massive (and I mean massive) tube slide that had quite the climb up. A few laps going up and down of it and you’d be fit as a fiddle in no time. Anyway, when I went down the tube there were lights, waves of colours and even some sound effects. You’d think you were time travelling no exaggerations! Nicola has brought me to all her favourite restaurants and cafes and Conor showed me the best sweets. I’ll be bringing home a few bags of mint M&Ms and Jolly Ranchers for you all!

Say hi to the dogs for me!

Hope to hear a reply soon!